Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Card Technique for August

The card technique for August is called Paper Piecing. It is pretty easy, but can be very time consuming. This is how it is done. First, you stamp your image twice--once on cardstock and once on patterened paper. You can also make your own pattered paper by using a background stamp and then stamping image on stamped background. That is what I did with the sock monkey card. I used the Twill background stamp and then stamped the sock monkey on it. This gave the monkey a knitted look. Second, cut out the image that you want for the main image. Third, cut out the pieces of the other image that you want to use. With the sock monkey one I used the knitted piece as my main image and then cut out the pieces I wanted to with the regular cardstock. With the cupcake thank you I cut out the patterened paper with the top part of the cupcake and also the cherry. Fourth, you adhere the cut out pieces to your main image. Fifth, finish the card. Here are the 2 examples of the cards.